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Cheap Wireless 720P Cameras on Ebay

There are some inexpensive wireless IP cameras on Ebay that sell for under $30.  Unfortunately they are aimed more at a user that just wants to casually view the camera on their smart phone.  They support very few features and don’t even have a web interface like the more expensive cameras do.  There is no support from the sellers or manufacturers when it comes to using these cameras with anything other than the software that you are directed to use.

After some experimentation I have managed to get one of them working with one of the camera management software packages that runs on a PC.  The camera I got working uses an Android or Iphone app called V380.  The manual that comes with the camera recommends downloading the app from The website also offers a PC based software for viewing but when loaded it refused to work with the camera on 2 different Windows 7 PC’s I have.  Below is a picture and the cost of the camera delivered from a US seller was under $26.


After several hours of reading and experimentation I found an open source  utility called ONVIF available at

This gave me the information I needed to figure out how to get the camera to work with my software.  It also exposed some of the security vulnerabilities of the camera.   Since I only use the camera on my LAN and have good firewall, I am not concerned very much about someone hacking in and viewing it as it only shows video from a public area.

So what do you need to do to make this work with your PC software package?  The settings I discovered that allowed mine to work as follows:

user name: admin

password: (either the default password or what you change it to)

HTTP Port: 5050

Media/Video/RTSP Port: 554

Path: //live/ch00_1

Frame Rate: 10

Size: 1280 x 720

Network IP Address:  (assigned an IP, do not use DHCP)

Setup must be done with an Android or Iphone before it will work on the PC.