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This was another “cheap” Ebay purchase.   And once again, the seller and manufacturer are lacking in support.  The model we purchased advertised 3X optical zoom Model 7833-WIP.   Several of the features that were advertised were not available in the firmware that came loaded in the camera. After much research, we discovered the updated firmware in our cameras removed many of those features and the only way to restore them was to find the older firmware that supported them.  This camera was also one of those that has the security vulnerabilities that was recently exposed.

Now for the really bad news.  There is no optical zoom.  It is electronic zoom only.  The pan and tilt work great.  Too bad the optical zoom doesn’t.  It is also not POE so you will need a 5 volt POE converter on the camera end if you want to power it from your Ethernet cable.

Not a bad camera for the money and we even got the seller to refund some money on the purchase price due not having the features as advertised.  It was supported in our camera management software so setup was easy and the browser interface works decently.

There is a newer version of this camera that now advertises 4X optical.  I would not buy it from an Ebay seller and purchase only from an Amazon seller so it could be returned with no hassle if it fails to live up to the advertised features.  I’ve seen it advertised under several brand names but obviously all were assembled in the same factory.